Open Heart

Open Heart (2023), isn’t a fictional story, but a sports documentary-drama. It chronicles the real-life journey of Henrik Lundqvist, the celebrated goalie for the New York Rangers.

The film dives deep into the emotional and physical struggles Lundqvist faces after a near-fatal heart condition threatens his career. We see Lundqvist, a pillar of strength on the ice, grapple with vulnerability and the daunting possibility of retirement.

The documentary doesn’t shy away from the grueling physical therapy and intense training Lundqvist endures to get back in the net. Interviews with teammates, coaches, and medical professionals offer a well-rounded perspective on the impact Lundqvist’s health scare has on those around him.

Open Heart isn’t just for hockey fans. It’s a story of resilience, perseverance, and the unwavering determination of an athlete facing an uphill battle.