The heartwarming 2022 comedy, “Matchmaking,” follows Moti Bernstein, a charming and studious young man in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. As expected, Moti’s search for a wife is guided by a matchmaker, the lively Malki. Malki sets Moti up with a series of eligible bachelorettes, all beautiful and from respected families.

However, Moti’s heart belongs elsewhere. He’s captivated by Nechama, his sister’s friend. The problem? Nechama comes from a Mizrahi (Middle Eastern) background, while Moti’s family is Ashkenazi (European). This cultural difference makes Nechama an unsuitable match in the eyes of the community.

Undeterred, Moti embarks on a hilarious and rebellious quest to win Nechama’s heart. With the help of Malki’s equally enthusiastic assistant Baruch, Moti breaks matchmaking tradition. He orchestrates “accidental” encounters with Nechama, all while navigating the disapproval of his family and the watchful eye of Malki.

Through his perseverance and Nechama’s undeniable charm, their connection deepens. The film explores themes of love defying cultural norms and the importance of following your heart. “Matchmaking” is a crowd-pleaser, filled with witty dialogue, slapstick humor, and a touch of forbidden romance.