In the extravagant world of Hyakkaou Private Academy, where hierarchy is determined by gambling prowess, the stakes are high, and the risks are deadly. The academy’s student body is ruled by the student council, who wield their power through the manipulative art of gambling.

Yumeko Jabami, a transfer student with an uncanny ability to read people and games, enters this treacherous world. With long, flowing black hair and piercing red eyes, Yumeko appears innocent, but her true nature is far from it. Unlike her peers, Yumeko doesn’t gamble for wealth or status; she seeks the thrill of the game and the sheer ecstasy of taking risks.

Opposing her is Mary Saotome, a blonde-haired, sharp-witted gambler with a fierce competitive streak. Initially an antagonist to Yumeko, Mary’s perspective on gambling changes as she witnesses Yumeko’s fearless approach. Over time, Mary becomes one of Yumeko’s closest allies, sharing a mutual respect for the purity of the gamble.

The reigning student council president, Kirari Momobami, is a mastermind with a cold demeanor and a keen intellect. With silver hair and a calm, calculating gaze, Kirari rules the academy with an iron fist. Her control is challenged by Yumeko’s unpredictable and audacious gambling style, sparking a thrilling rivalry.

Ryota Suzui, a kind-hearted but initially timid student, quickly becomes entangled in Yumeko’s world. Despite his lack of gambling skills, his loyalty to Yumeko and his growing courage make him a vital part of her inner circle.

As Yumeko challenges the student council members one by one, the academy’s hierarchy begins to crumble. The stakes escalate, with games involving life-altering consequences. Yumeko’s ultimate goal is not to defeat the student council but to experience the ultimate gamble with Kirari.

In the end, Yumeko’s audacity and unyielding passion for gambling expose the underlying corruption within Hyakkaou Academy, forever changing the lives of those who dare to play the game.