Horizon: An American Saga - Chapter 1

A Cast of Characters Woven Together:

  • John Dutton (Kevin Costner): A grizzled Civil War veteran haunted by past battles, seeking a fresh start by leading a wagon train of settlers towards a newly established settlement called Horizon.
  • Mary Bailey (Sienna Miller): A strong-willed woman with a young son, fleeing a troubled past and hoping for a brighter future in Horizon.
  • Caleb Thornton (Sam Worthington): A ruthless land baron with ambitions to control the lucrative territory surrounding Horizon, willing to use any means necessary.
  • Chief Many Horses (Owen Crow Shoe): A wise and respected leader of the Lakota tribe, wary of the encroaching settlers and determined to protect his people’s land.
  • William Sykes (Michael Rooker): A ruthless opportunist searching for a hidden fortune in the Montana wilderness, accompanied by his loyal but conflicted younger brother Joseph (Jamie Campbell Bower).
  • Jeanette (Jena Malone): A resourceful young woman caught in the Sykes brothers’ web, forced to make difficult choices for survival.

Intertwining Stories:

The film weaves together these narratives, showcasing the harsh realities of frontier life. John Dutton faces the challenges of leading a diverse group through unforgiving terrain with dwindling supplies. Mary Bailey grapples with building a new life while harboring secrets. The looming threat of conflict with the Lakota tribe hangs heavy, as Chief Many Horses struggles to maintain peace. Meanwhile, the Sykes brothers wreak havoc in their pursuit of riches, their path crossing with Jeanette’s desperate struggle for freedom.