Cinderella's Curse

Cinderella’s Curse (2024) isn’t your typical fairy tale. This horror film with a feminist twist throws out the glass slipper and replaces it with a vengeance-fueled Cinderella, played by the up-and-coming actress Kelly Rian Sanson.

Sanson portrays Ella, a young woman trapped under the cruel thumb of her stepmother (Chrissie Wunna) and stepsisters. Unlike the Disney version, Ella isn’t waiting for a prince to save her. This Ella is resourceful and simmering with anger.

Enter the mysterious Veronica (Danielle Scott), not quite a fairy godmother, but a powerful woman with a hidden agenda. Veronica grants Ella a night of transformation, but unlike the pumpkin carriage and magical dress, Veronica’s gifts are a lot darker.

The film’s trailers hint at a bloody transformation, with whispers of a dark curse attached to the borrowed finery. The night at the ball is a chilling affair, with Ella using her newfound power to expose the wickedness of her family and those who enabled them.